Thanks to Mylene, she encouraged me to save for a rainy day and that rainy day came in 2014, As I was able to withdraw from my emergency fund when I needed to. Thanks to the encouragement of Mylene’s persistence in helping me financially. Wayne Penton

Save for a rainy day

Mylene informed me about creditor protection and saved me money, as well as getting my premiums back from the bank.  They were charging me for disability premiums during retirement and charging me for life insurance premiums on my dear dead wife and the bank had the death certificate. My Financial […]

Creditor Protection

Mylene has helped me protect myself and the family’s assets to preserve what I have and to achieve my future goals with providing excellent service.  She is helping me work towards my financial goals & preserve assets. Rachel Sequin, 2013

Preserve Assets

Mylene has provided understanding to what we have for our life insurance.  Our Financial Advisor, Mylene has spent time explaining our financials in terms we understand. Dan & Sue Rabin, 2013


When Mylene talks to me about my Financial Situation, it’s in words I understand.  She gets me involved with making good investment decisions.  I have a team that works for me to take care of my Financial interest.  I trust Mylene and her sound Financial Advice. Lucille Filion, 2012

Financial Advice