Segregated Fund policies could be right for you if: You’re attracted to some level of guarantee for the money you invest You’re self-employed or a professional, such as an engineer or doctor, who has high potential creditor risk You’re an affluent investor looking for wealth preservation. You want to protect […]

Segregated Funds

Most of us think to claim apart of our home for a home office and there is much more that can be claimed.  Here are some of the most missed home office expenses: Home cleaning Maintenance:  Lawn, snow removal, window cleaning, etc. Utilities: water, gas, hydro Repairs Home Insurance Home […]

Maximize Deductions for the Home Office

Spring cleaning is for more than just closets. Are your personal, medical and financial records organized? When an emergency strikes, the last thing your family needs to be doing is scrambling through drawers, cupboards, closets and file folders trying to find the information you so desperately need – whether that’s […]

Spring Cleaning

Unless you have enough savings for retirement , you need an income because you don’t want to work just for the money.  I believe the key to a fulfilling life is spending our days doing what we’re passionate about and our evenings with friends and family. Problem is that the career that […]

Savings for Retirement

Have you ever thought; “what happens to my financial situation, when I have out lived my investments that were suppose to provide an income for my retirement year until I pass-away.” Well, I can help!  There a few companies that will provide Retirement Income for Life. Everyone’s situation is different; […]

Retirement Income